Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Heat
Watercolor, Elizabeth Roth
July 2016

These hot July days with little rain but high humidity are preferred by many but hard to take for me.  I spend time in my studio painting my reflections.  This painting shows the lush response of flowers and plants to these jungle-like conditions.  This plant is bursting forth with color and texture!

On hot days, I wilt, but God never wilts and I am sure he hears the prayers we sigh in our most exhausted state.

Hope the flowers outside of your cottage door are tended to and flourishing in this most sunny July.  I treasure this month, even in the heat, because it is my birthday month.  It is a joyful respite for the spirit, at least that is my view, from my cottage door.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Watercolor, Elizabeth Roth, July 2016

Immigrant is a watercolor I worked on yesterday and today.  I so admire our diversity in America, and wish there were not so many divisive elements today.  I deplore the violence around the world and in our own country, and feel almost powerless to impact things in a positive and meaningful way.  All I can do is write and paint and hope that somehow in my own little corner the dignity of all kinds of peoples shines through my work, as God would have it.  That is my purpose, through the cottage door.

This summer has been rich and full.  I have connected with many from my childhood and from my present, through a 50th graduating class reunion and through a week spent entertaining my elder daughter, my youngest grandson, and my great grandson here at the lake.  Days have been sunny, with little rain, so things growing have needed watered but as long as they are given the moisture they require, they have produced wonderful flowers, green beans, lettuce, and herbs.

This watercolor is called He is the Vine.  More and more I am truly dependent on his mercy and love.  I hope with his merciful "watering" in my own dry spells, I can produce the love, obedience and devotion he deserves from me.  I want to know him more surely, serve him more truly, and rest in his heart.  That's my desire, through the cottage door.