Monday, April 25, 2016

Often I am drawn to scenes of people involved in everyday life and work.  So many humble individuals are gifted in their abilities and go along in their world, seemingly unrecognized for the important tasks they accomplish.  It seems glorious to record their work in beautiful tributes to their faithful service.  I particularly value the work of my elders, and their contribution to life.
Elder Gentleman, from River People

Monday, April 18, 2016

Someone's Watching

Someone's Watching is a watercolor painting posted underneath an old window and curtain fabric.  I liked the image and her pose so much that I decided to "frame" her in a different way.  She seems to be watching someone or something.  She has a slight smile on her lips.  We wonder what is on her mind.  Who is she expecting?  What will happen next?  She stands confidently hidden but not out of sight to the outside world.  I'd like to know more about her, wouldn't you?  It is interesting what we can learn through the cottage door, if we watch carefully...
New Wool, Old Spinster

I am fascinated by spinning, and though this lady is really not an "old spinster" she is an industrious woman in a country where wool is still spun at home and by hand, and in this case on a hand-held instrument. Her family's warmth entirely depends on her skill.  The most spinning I have done has been, so far, with words and watercolors rather than  with wool.

This watercolor was fun to do.  I just love painting real folks at work.



Slowly, tiptoeing, like a shy maiden, Spring approaches us here in the cold and windy north.  Bud coverings litter the ground and tiny leaves peek out along branches.  Flies begin to buzz on windowpanes, birds race around building nests and preparing for new births, and we all get the urge to visit the outdoors and take stock of new plant growth and longer days.  The white egret returns to stalk still waters, aware of the need for patience and waiting, traits I am in need of improving within myself.  Thank you, Egret, for this lesson in serenity, to be found in these warm spring days to come.  I watch you through the Cottage Door, and wish you all a wonderful April and May.

FYI:  I am in the process of registering adult watercolor classes for this summer.  Contact me at if you are interested or have questions.