Sunday, February 21, 2016

Every Ending is a New Beginning

Every ending is truly a chance for a new beginning.  Yesterday was the final day of my Carrington Arts Gallery solo exhibition.  I have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to display watercolors in this new and welcoming professional environment.  I am grateful, too, for the outpouring of attendance at the opening reception on January 15 and the daily gallery visitors in January and in February.  Even snow held off so that visitors could attend and view the paintings and poetry these past four weeks.  Now the exhibition comes to an end and the gallery will ready itself for a new show called "BLUE" that promises to be exciting and stimulating, full of surprises, and ever imaginative, an exhibit featuring many fine artists.

I was thinking that Lent is a season of endings and beginnings, new possibilities, exciting, stimulating and ever imaginative, too.  It is for me a time of deep searching, of repentance, but not despair.  It is also a time of hope and great longing, a patient waiting and sacrificing, believing that to feel the love of the Risen One which will come with Easter morning all in this life is worth living.  Because I continue to be unworthy, I can only hope to touch the hem of His cloak, yet through my sifting of his words as he approaches Calvary I am reassured once again of the Father's forgiveness.

Now my studio is waiting for me to begin another project, actually two.  One is in preparation for a new exhibition that will begin in June at the Carrington Gallery,  It is an intriguing concept:  Familiar Strangers.  I am hard at work outside of my usual comfort zone on this one!  It is exciting to be challenging myself in this way.  The second is the creation of my Lenten prayer card.  I have crafted a prayer card every so often during Lent, as shown here.  They are as varied as my Lenten thoughts sometimes are.
We think deeply, don't we, and hope strongly throughout Lent, at least that is how I view it through this side of the Cottage Door.  Peace to you.