Friday, November 6, 2015

Thoughts about God, Through the Cottage Door, for Thanksgiving

I shot this pic of clouds out the window of a jet. I grabbed my phone and delighted in the view, and it got me to thinking. I wonder what God thinks when he looks down at his creation from Heaven,  Does he feel sad at what he sees, or does he find good things happening in some way, in some places, by some who love him?  And when he views my everyday life, is he glad or sad about the things I think, say or do?  He has given me so many joys, so very many blessing and very crosses to bear, though I hope I am prepared for the privilege of coping with more.  I just can hardly believe the blessings abundant each day in my life.  This Thanksgiving I truly wish to thank all my readers of this blog and I promise to more frequently add new images and thoughts, that we might share moments that are special and joy-filled.  That is my pledge to you, through the Cottage Door.