Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Tree is Down...

The tree is down.  It would seem bleak in the space, that spot before the window, where it once stood all mellow and glowing, except that there is so much happening outside our cottage door that sings:  "Don't Be Sad!  A New Year has begun." God's gifts to us are never-ending, if we just open our eyes and look.  For example, a winter wonderland occurred this week!  The snowfall was wet and fluffy, adhering to every twig, bush and tree.  My hour-long drive to work and then home from work was picturesque, breathtaking really--especially the night that three deer ran or jumped across the highway in front of me.  In fact, the weekend recently was dominated by scenes from Nature's best.  On two consecutive days, majestic bald eagles flew from Lake Erie, outside our front window, up over our heads into the bay to our southwest.  Amazing!  Thrilling.  They are so beautiful when they fly--it makes my heart jump to see them.  Then, Sunday, two adult, white swans swam and preened in the lake just across from our home.  They were sitting in water that was yet unfrozen.  Then of course there are the two fat squirrels, who raid our bird-feeders (I let them!).  They relentlessly do their acrobatics in search of the fattest morsels they can steal.  They do not in the least intimidate the feisty downy woodpeckers or the bright scarlet cardinals who feast on the seeds and suet we put out.  Speaking of scarlet...
Hurray for our Buckeyes who put on quite a show themselves last night against Oregon's Ducks!

January 4 marks a first in my painting, writing life.  The beautiful and historic Grace Episcopal Church here in Sandusky offers gallery exposure to local artists of all kinds.  On this Sunday, a brilliant and inspiring piano concert by Ryan C. Neal began at 4:00 followed by my very first solo exhibition of watercolors.  China: Beyond the Wall is a series of 21 paintings which tell a sort of story of a culture in transition.  At 5:00 I presented my background and an introduction to the paintings.  About 40 people attended the opening, including my husband's niece and family and my daughter and granddaughter.  My granddaughter is also an artist, however she is trained and much more confident and skilled then I am.  I was honored to have them with me that night.  You may visit the gallery Monday through Friday in January, 10:00 to 5:00, free of charge.  Paintings are priced and offered for sale.  I am very grateful to Grace Episcopal for the blessing of this experience.

I hope that your January finds you safe, warm, well-fed and excited about a blessing in your life, as well.  Let me know about your blessings.  If you were going to paint a picture of one of them, what colors would you choose?

Happy Painting and Living, from the Cottage Door.
                                                  Playmates, from China: Beyond the Wall, c Elizabeth Roth
                                                  All rights reserved.

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