Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Be Nothing But Yourself, But Be That Perfectly"

A long drive in the snow and the dark has its definite disadvantages, but it has its advantages, too.  One advantage is that it provides plenty of think time.  I had the radio tuned to the EWTN SonRise Morning Show.  A saint being discussed had once advised others to "be nothing but yourself, but be that perfectly".  This advice really hit home for me, as artist, a writer, and a person.  It is so easy, when we view the creative works around us, to compare ourselves to their creators.  It is only human to look at our own works and judge them as less worthy or less beautiful, not as exciting, not as skilled.  It is a challenge sometimes to remember that each of us has his or her own sense of creativity.  Each is unique, and lends itself to a particular view of beauty, of worth, a completely distinct and special way of revealing truth.  As long as we work within ourselves deeply and trust our muse to create what we authentically feel or believe, our art will speak to others.  As an artist I feel that I often overwork my painting in an effort to seek perfection, when what I might do to perfect my work would be to stop earlier on, step back often, and then discipline myself to listen to what the painting is saying to me.  It might be saying:  Don't try to make me like someone else's work. Honor my special self.  At least that's the way it seems to me,..through the cottage door.

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