Monday, February 2, 2015


All night and most of today snow fell here, piling up drifts in driveways, sidewalks, everywhere.  I prayed that I would not have to travel in it, and God was merciful in that my workplace was closed.  What a blessing.  I made a fire in the fireplace in my studio room and did a lot of reading of scripture and prayers, drank a cup or two of coffee, and thought about my many blessings.  With homemade soup on the stove, and skies beginning to turn blue again after days of grey, my mood was serene, even though there is much work I need to do ahead of me this week.

I took time this afternoon to re-polish ten chapters of my 10-year-old manuscript-- my novel Dancing on My Daddy's Toes.  I have sent this manuscript to author and speaker, Heather King, whose writing in Living Faith has inspired me.  She has agreed to professionally edit this story for me.  The book has already benefitted from extensive revision over the last several years when I worked with author Sharon Darrow, Vermont College, on a true rewrite from the original draft.  My prayer is that my work with Heather will again produce fruit and that the novel will someday find its place in the hands of a good publisher.  I am currently reading Shirt of Flame, by Heather King, which are her reflections about St. Therese of the Little Flower.  It is so insightful and well-researched.

I pray that all of you fellow bloggers are safe, warm, healthy and that you have projects about which you are enthused, even if they are simmering like homemade soup on the back burner or my 10-year-old manuscript finally rising from its sleep.  From inside this Cottage Door, All Blessings to You.


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