Monday, February 2, 2015


 20 of my paintings from the series China:  Beyond the Wall are home at last from their January exhibition in Sandusky at the beautiful and historic Grace Episcopal Church gallery.  One, Dragon, was purchased.  It is a happy moment when one of my paintings finds a permanent home, but it is a little like saying goodbye to a friend, bittersweet.  It is a lesson in humility and in priorities for me.  I want my work to bring joy to others.  However, when I am painting I grow too close to my "creation"--I should say "our" creation because certainly the Holy Spirit does most of the critical work.  I am too possessive, perhaps. So I said goodbye to my Dragon and I wish it well on its journey.  We need to create with a roar and then let the work live its own life, right?  Anyway that's the way I see it, Through the Cottage Door!

Dragon from China:  Beyond the Wall, a series of 21 watercolor paintings of China, Elizabeth Roth.

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